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    I am a new member.

    I will be in Fairbanks the 1st week of March and am interested in doing some ice fishing.

    I see that the state DNR rents ice fishing huts on Birch Lake and Quartz Lake.

    Would anyone please suggest which cabins or lakes I should try fishing?


    Ron L

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    Quartz is typically the better of the two lakes with more larger fish, however they are both decent and I did catch a 20" Char last year on Birch. The downside with Quartz is the distance, about 90 miles. Birch is only half as far. Also take a look at Chena Lakes. I believe it has a few public use shelters and is much closer. I fish it alot and usaully catch a good mix of Salmon, Char, and Trout up to about 14" or so. There are some larger ones in there, it was stocked with Brood Stock a year or two ago, but I haven't caught on yet. If you are looking for quantity, it is a good choice. If quality is what you are looking for, stick with the first two. You can also look at Harding, its a little closer than Birch and has Lake Trout and Char but I am not sure if it has public use shelters or not. Hope this helps.

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    I like Quartz and Birch as well. It comes down to reserving the shacks. There are 4 on each lake sponsored by the state. Google BIRCH will be the first website that comes up. Click on ice hut info and it will show BOTH Birch and Quartz Lake rentals. Click on the days and if it has a # sign then it is rented. Good Luck!

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    I am not sure if you are associated with the Military or not, but if you are and are authorized to use MWR facilities, Fort Wainwright MWR has 3 Shelters on Birch lake. They also rent portable shelters and Ice Augers.


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