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Thread: Caribou Unlimited anyone?

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    Default Caribou Unlimited anyone?

    Has anybody heard of Caribou Unlimited. Interested in unguided caribou hunt. Any info on them would be great. Thanks

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    I have seen their operation up here in Kotzebue. I donít know much about them, heard both + and a little -. I do know that they do not have a transporters permit of guide license in the Noatak National Park, unless it is under a separate name.

    Can any one else help out?

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    Default little info

    I spoke to the owner...cannot remember his name while I was in Kotz 2 years ago. They had pallets of nice bou horns. I asked him about a unguided hunt and he said they really only do guided hunts. You will hear good and bad about every transporter up there. Logistics, weather and luck of the draw when it comes to the migration make some hunts positive for some and negative for others. One thing to keep in AK hunt is a slam and luck can screw you in a second and make you spend $2-3K on a camping trip. Go with expectations that bou are a bonus and you will love the trip. I've done it twice. I want to go back!
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    Default Unguided Bou Hunt


    Welcome to the Forum, lots of great info here..

    I don't have any info on the outfit you're asking about, but did want to mention that some hunters hunting out of Kotzebue in the past have faced challenges with proper meat care due to weather, limited cold storage facilities, etc. Please search the forum threads for "kotzebue meat care" or other similar terms, to learn more about some of the challenges you'll face. Wanton waste of game meat is something all hunters should take steps to avoid, and when hunting remotge Alaska you'll face challenges in meat care that we don't see in other parts of the country.

    Good luck,


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    Default good guy

    I go fishing with him every year.. he has an excellent reputation all around, very professional all around nice guy.... have not gone on any hunts tho.. but I know he is well thought of in this area..


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    Default Name

    His name is Ron Aldredge out of Soldotna. I have never heard anything bad about his operation. I have heard he is a good pilot and has been operating for years. Located on St. Theresa in Sterling by Longmere Lake.

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    Default Good

    I also know about them and know some of the family and friends... Good outfit. I fish with one of the fishing quides here too, and always hear success stories, but like anywhere, success doesnt always mean getting a "Trophy", but the experience... I hope to go on one of there hunts sometime soon! PM me and I can maybe get some more "inside" info...

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    Ron's good people and does it year 'round. He guides the Kenai in the summer and does bou and bear hunts up in the Kotz area in the fall. He also does taxidermy work in the winter. I doubt he does drop off hunts, he used to specialize in high end bear/bou combos and stuff like that, but I haven't talked to him about it in years. He's a nice guy though and probably worth the cost.

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    Default Bou Unlimited

    He does do drop off outfitted hunts...A co-worker of mine went this past fall and had a good experience...My neighbors also used him in the past and had a good time/experience.


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