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Thread: Whats a good boresighter?

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    Default Whats a good boresighter?

    I have been casually looking for a bore sighter and noticed there are several different kinds. Was wondering if anyone can give me advice, suggestions, info, or whatever to help me decide which one to possibly get?


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    Default Your Eyeball

    I've used the lazer ones and they work OK, a bit tough to see on the target in bright sunlight, but I prefer to use my eyes. I set up the rifle on a 100 yard bench without the bolt in place and adjust the gun untill the target is centered in the view down the barrel. Now the tricky part; without moving the gun adjust the scope until the target is also centered. I've found a couple sand bags on top of the rifle help hold everything in place. Of course this only works on bolt action guns, but I've found I can do pretty good with lever action and autos just by looking down the side of the barrel. I start on the 50 yard bench with the laver action and auto rifles. To save on ammo, esp the expensive stuff, I use white butcher paper behind my target so I can tell for sure where I hitting. Good Shooting


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    I had both of the last two rifles I bought bore sighted and they were both no where close to being on the paper at 100 yards. one hit at least 4 feet to the right( thats a LOT of clicks). I jut shoot from 30 yards get it breaking the center verticle line about 1-1.5 inches low then back out to 100 and get it set for about 2" high (depending on cartridge). Then I check for zero at 200 yards. With a good vise/rest I found that I was able to be shooting and hitting in just a few rounds, as long as I took my time. I got my rifle shooting 2-2.5" high at 100yds with 5 shots which at $55 a box is alot better than wasting time and bullets($$$) trying to hit your first shots from 100 plus yards after a scope change.

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    Default RC will assist with bore sighting most of the time

    Just so everyone knows, Rabbit Creek has a bore sighter (several actually) which we will help folks utilize if the staff has time. It will usually at least get you on paper to start off..


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