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Thread: Arctic Ground Squirrel recipes

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    Default Arctic Ground Squirrel recipes

    Anyone have any recipes for arctic ground squirrel? Here in my village locals that go out squirrel trapping in the spring usually bring back lots of arctic ground squirrels. Squirrel pelts are used for making beautiful traditional parkas, usually for women. Well the ground squirrels are gutted after being skinned then air dried to preserve the meat. When brought back to the village the family would just boil them whole without cutting them up into pieces. This is how most families would prepare their half dried ground squirrel meat.
    Just wondering if anyone has eaten arctic ground squirrels and what recipes did you use? Thanks

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    Default Squirrel...

    I have not harvested the critter you speak, but I do harvest squirrel in the Lower 48.

    I bone them out with a small rapalla and coat and pan fry the pieces to get a crisp. I then cover them with a sweet and sour sauce and then bake for a few hours to tenderize.

    Sweet and Sour Squirrel;I do the same with rabbit. The small meat and bones can be boiled for a brown sauce in other sidhes so there is no waste...


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