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    Question Jacks Bay Cabin ?s

    I was thinking of trying to stay in the Jacks Bay FS Cabin and was wondering if anyone could tell me more about it than whats on the interent. I was wondering if the tide created access problems or if there was close place you could park your boat where the tide would not be a factor? How far is the cabin from the shore? Also, can you hike any direction from the Cabin or would you have to go over the mountains? I have fished in the bay but have not gone all the way back to the cabin? Any other information about surrounding hunting and fishing opportunities would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    OK, tide can go out a ways, 100 yards or so as there is a sloping bottom to a drop off.

    You need to anchor off of the drop off, in about 30-40 foot of water. Running a line to the log on shore helps.

    At high tide you can get within 30 yards or so of the cabin.

    You can walk east, along the shore but watch for the tide coming back in.

    Otherwise it is up and over the mountains.

    You need to pull in along the shore on the right it is deepest. Staight on or near the island is really shallow.

    More latter if you need it.

    You need to reserve 6 months ahead. It is filled in April and May already.
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    What time frame are you looking at and what are you wanting to hunt and fish for?

    There are geese and ducks as well as bear in the back of the bay in the flats during the fall.

    You can also hit the silvers in the fall when hunting is slow or you want to mix it up.

    You can catch all pinks till your arms are worn out during June/July anywhere in the bay.

    It is a nice cabin with a good stove but hard to reserve due to the number of people that want to stay there.

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    Default Thanks for the info

    Thanks for the help. I am hoping to try around the first week of September. I fished the bay last year and caught silvers, one halibut, and some shrimp. I would like to try for a black bear and was curious if there were any areas in the bay were I could follow some streams back or if I would be limited to the beaches. What kinds of ducks and geese are around back there? Is it a hard time to get the cabin? How many days in a row can that cabin be reserved for? I'm assuming silver fishing would still be good in September? Do the commercial boats hit the bay at all or are they only around the port?
    Thank you,


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