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Thread: Unit 13/16 Transporters

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    Looking for some references of transporters for unit 13 & 16. Feel free to elaborate on your experience (i.e., time of year hunting, unit hunting, species hunting, # of animals seen, successful or not, cost of transport). I am looking to plan a trip for July or August into either the Talkeetna Mts or up the Kichatna River, but neither myself nor my hunting partner have been into these areas, so if you also want to include any recommendations for areas to consider that would be much appreciated. Will be hunting bear. Also, I live in Anchorage & would prefer an outfit located somewhere between Anchorage & Talkeetna.

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    For air charters into the Talkeetna's, contact Mike Meekins of Meekins Air Service. He's been flying that area for about 25 years.

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    Default Unit 13 transporters

    I used to use a fellow named Charlie Akers. He took me out for Caribou back when there were any in unit 13. It's been more the ten years since I last used him so he may be retired by now. He flew a 185 out of lake Louise and knew the area north of there real well.


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