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    Question Skandic clutch

    I have a 07 Skandic 440. I am not too happy with the clutch engagement. It engages pretty high RPM for my style. I know it is doing what its specd to do which is about 3200. It seems hard to keep it engaged when going on windy trails or just need a little more power when going slow. Anyone have any experience with this or done modifications?

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    You will need to play with (change out) the fly weights and spring in the primary clutch to make the changes you are looking for. Most people complain that the clutch engages too early and the machine doesn't have enough low end torque so they go with stiffer springs and lighter weights. Just talk to the Ski-doo dealer and they will give you a different setup to change the engagement RPM. Just be warned, you will lose some low end grunt though. The spring and weights are pretty simple to change once you get the clutch off the machine (it takes a puller).

    When I changed out my spring/weights on my Polaris 700 it cost me about $70 total.

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