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    Any opinions/experience out there on 89 Enticer 400 long track? I see Dave in the bush thinks the 340 Lt was a good machine. What do I need to look out for with this machine? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Bought mine in 1989.

    I have one that I bought in 1989 off the showroom floor. Still have it, it still runs great. I use it as a spare for my kid's friends and company we may have. Every now and then I like to take a ride on it just for grins.

    What can I tell you about it? You can't compare a model-T to the F-350 if you know what I mean. In 1989 it was a great sled. In 2008 it is a neat sled. When we take family day trips and we have company, adult or child, our trip is much slower with the Enticer tagging along. The speed we normaly cruise at without it is much quicker do to the greater suspensions of today. The paddle tracks of today also do so much better than the "conveyor belt" tracks of yester-year.

    If you're looking for a warm sled (fan blows heat onto rider and has tall windshield) to slowly poke around with that is economical, low maintenance, and surely not a lot of money to buy, then you'll have a great time with it. At one time I used mine a lot for trapping, and ptarmigan and predator hunting.

    Hope that helps and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask. Happy riding!


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