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Thread: Seward this weekend in a Zodiac?

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    Question Seward this weekend in a Zodiac?

    I was just wondering if anyone could give me some direction as to where to go for silvers and halibut with a zodiac this weekend. I thought maybe Fox island would satisfy both. Any info would be appreciated. I think last year about this time we limited out around Caines head for silvers. Any tips on structure for butts around the edge of the bay(depths and general tips).

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    Default Last Monday..

    I was out at Mary's Bay/Rugged island and we got into the silvers. I was in the only private boat there along with three charter boats. The silvers were close to the shore on the S/E side of the bay and the gulls were finding baitfish further in the bay as well. I saw one of the charters pull up a 20# halibut while jigging for silvers, so you might try there. It isn't much more of a run past Fox island.

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