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    I'm looking to try my hand at ice fishing for Lakers in a few weeks and am interested in what methods work? I've read and seen people talk about jigging spoons and such, but can anybody recommend other tricks that might work, both for artificial and with bait? Are there betters times of the day or year (early spring) to try for them? Do they like to hold at particular depths? I appreciate any help and information.

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    The absolute best time is June or right when the ice melts off but during winter either early or late season is best. "Careful using bait as many area's are single hook only no bait allowd". If bait is allowed use small to medium herring. Jigging spoons, or bright colored(or flashy) rapala's work best though.

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    This forum. This question has been asked and answered many times and you will find lots of information if you search the site. Personally I have only fished Lake Louise, Susitna, and Crosswinds lakes for them with only some success. It's not easy, you have to either go with someone experienced or do research and plan it out. Most places with Lakers are a good drive and often require a snowmachine ride to get there. I can tell you there are some guys on this forum that really know how to catch lakers though. You'll see that when you search the forum. Good luck.
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    I typically have two rods rigged incase I get a chaser or looker I can throw down a different rig at them before they loose interest.

    Tubes are my mainstay, along with airplane jigs and spoons. Just about anything will work at any given time. My favorite lure? Well good luck with that one. Spent a lot of money an d ton of time to find it. Really many of them will work and work well.

    Sometimes they want something fast, sometimes big, sometimes slow, sometimes small. Do some reading on line and on here in the archieves and get out and plan on spending a ton of fishless hours perfecting boredom . Once you figure it out, well you'll understand!

    And dont forget how old these fish really are. Not trying to push my thoughts on ya there, you're grown enough to make that decision on your own. Many dont realize a 20lb laker in harding is over 20 years old possibly up to 26-28yrs of age!

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    oh and I might add I'm a walleye fisherman by trade..which means I rely heavily on electronics....they work, and they work well!!!


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