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Thread: Need help with fly in trip

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    Default Need help with fly in trip

    I would like to go on a fly in fishing trip that would leave from Dillingham. I would like to go up a river that has a variety of fish and float down the river for several days(7-10), stopping along the way to fish, camp, etc. I am not interested in a lodge setting, however if that is the only way, then I guess I have no choice. Can anyone help?
    Thanks, Pat

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    are you looking for a guide? What are you fishing for? What style of fishing suits you best? what time period are you thinking? How much money can you spend? PM me the answers and I can help
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    Default The Aniak is my personal favorite

    The Aniak River is my personal favorite river - good variety of fish, relatively light use, unbelievable scenery from start to finish.

    Everything I have heard about the Kisaralik River puts it high on my "to do" list.

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    Default try going with someone that lives on the river

    like myself,been here for 20yrs and offer the what you ask,e-mail though my website if interisted.
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