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Thread: Night time "aggressive bear encounters"?

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    Default Night time "aggressive bear encounters"?

    I'm I read the 26 posts on another thread and I didn't read one that had first hand experience of dealing with an "aggressive bear" in camp. If I misread, I apologize.

    As I type this, I'm knocking on wood. 30 years in Alaska of hunting, fishing, and hiking (sleeping out in the bush). No "aggressive bear" in camp. I had two incidents of bears trying to steal meat from my meat pole but not messing with me at night in my camp.

    So, how many of us have had an actual "aggressive bear in camp" experience?????

    I'm guessing the number will be pretty low when compared to the number of users (sleeping in the bush).

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    Thumbs up yep..

    "On the Goodnews this past Aug I had a brown bear 25 feet from the tent, shined the light in his eyes and he hauled butt. I also had a Marlin guide gun 45-70 and a Smith and Wesson Model 500. Glad the flashlight did the trick though."

    From my first post. The year before in NW Alaska, had one walk right up to the tent. People saying they never had a bear in camp might be armchair outdoorsman or very sound sleepers. I have had bears IN camp on 2/3 of my trips. And before someone ask, no I don't have a slab of bacon in camp, da da da. We are very strict about foods and camping practices. I guess it comes down to where you are camping. Certainly some parts of the state are going to be worse than others. I just ordered a passive infrared motion detector system from a security company in England. I had researched if for months and finally could not stand to be without it. It is 8 motion detectors that send a beam 90 feet (each) so you position them around your camp to form an invisible fence. It will roughly make 1/2 the size of a football field perimeter around your camp. If anything crosses the invisible beams, a hand held unit (in the tent) sounds an alarm and lights up an LED that corresponds to which transmitter was tripped. Batteries last for 5 years on normal use, they consider that being a daily trip so using it a few times a year, it will last at least ten years. Factory will replace batteries for a modest fee when the time comes. It is super nice from what I can tell. I will have it here on Monday. It is fully waterproof and weatherproof. Used by military and body guard details mostly. Not something you would find unless you were looking really hard. A specialty item you might say. It runs a 406 mhz so no FCC license is required. Best part, it fits in a supplied water/crush proof briefcase that is form fitted to hold the 8 transmitters, 8 small tripods, and the hand held receiver and only weighs 8 lbs. Now that it is amazing. At least next time a bear (or anything else) comes into camp, I will be awake and out of my tent with some cold steel and a flashlight. Much better than snoozing in the bag and hoping for the best. Here is a link if anyone is curious. This is high end stuff. When the below link opens, click on products, then the Stealthguard system.
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