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Thread: Honda Fuel consumption on Wooldridge Super Sport Pilot

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    Default Honda Fuel consumption on Wooldridge Super Sport Pilot

    Should have numbers for the ETEC soon, will post when I get it.

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    Default 22 Hewes Ocean Pro fuel comparison

    22 Ocean Pro with 225 Yamaha, compared to the Wooldridge with a 225 Honda, pretty close test weight... monster difference in fuel use. What gives?
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    Default weight #

    The Wooldridge has a different type of bottom than the hewes. They have 4 full length lifting strakes and two on the outside edge 4 inch wide 8ft long or so (you can see in some pics) 6 total that must really help on planing the boats easier. Less HP needed to push the boat equals better performance, less fuel. Look at the single 115 getting the bigger boats up on the tests.

    WB is 18 deg at the rear through the planing surface with 40 up front while the Hewes is a variable deg bottom starting at 13.5 at the rear changing to 35 in the bow (OP model). The weight # for the 23 SSP=3,000 is without the dinette package add 600 or so for this, sink ,stove, dinette table with sleeping option so this boat is 3,550 as tested.

    So the WB is 4,720 fuel ,guys, gear, and boat. The hewes is 1ft shorter and 3,950 as tested 770lbs lighter than the WB. The Yamaha has a 13 1/4 X19 prop the Honda a 15 1/4X19 prop that may have some affect. There are several others out there that are getting the same results now with this set up.


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