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Thread: Yamaha Performance Test on a Wooldridge 24' Pilothouse

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    Default Yamaha Fuel Consumption Performance Test on a Wooldridge 24' Pilothouse

    Info from Wooldridge on Fuel consumption on Yamaha 115's, I also have this info for the Honda 225, that I will post. This boat will be at the boat show this February.

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    I am impressed that it will get on plane with just one engine, most twins I have seen will not.

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    Default boat

    My guess would be that it is with just a single 115 and not twins and using only on motor. It's hard to plane when your motor is off center and underpowered.

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    Default One Motor Up

    It says with one motor up which would indicate that it was a twin installation for that test as well.
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    Smile Wooldridge

    The single 115 got the 24 up on step, It even got this 27 up!!!! They didn't think it would, it took a while and they had to play with the trim a but it did, he sent us some pics when they tested it. The boat was totally mt just one guy and 15gal of fuel.
    The 23 SSP I ran last summer with twin Yam 115 would get up on one with 1/2 tank fuel and 3 guys and gear for the day. 25 was the max speed just enough to get you home.

    The blue boat in the above test was the test boat with twins.

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    Default Yamaha gph

    How does this compare to the HewesCraft Yamaha numbers? Any 26ft Hews owners getting what Dewey's spec sheet says? I see they don't say how much weight is in the boat at test time.

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    Hewescraft posted their numbers under the publications section on their website. I was pretty impressed with the Wooldridge numbers that you posted, I had to compare it to the Hewes. It seems the Wooldridge gets much better mileage.

    How much weight difference is there between the boats of relatively equal size? Would that play a major factor is this size boat?

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    Default Weight

    The 26 WB in the test (white boat)is 4000 dry, that boat has a head and a dinette package with a single truck seat. What does the hewes cuddy 26 weigh? I'm sure the weight plays a factor in every boat out there.

    The 27ft SSP was just under 7,000 boat and trailer, when it was shipped and the trailer is 2,000 an 8,500 lb model. This boat had many extra options above the standard ones, longer sink/stove area larger water tank and more room for storage drawers behind the table.
    My friends 23 SSP with a 200 Honda and 8hp kicker, dinette package,anchor, 600ft of rope and downriggers was 5,350 with the 2 Axel EZ loader. They have tried to make the 23 SSP so you have all the features of the big boats but don't have to buy a new 3/4 ton truck to pull it.

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    Default Maybe it's just me...

    but are the twin 150 Yamaha's so much more expensive and/or heavier than the 115s the reason you don't see them more often on boats in the 24-27' size range? Although the test conditions allowed these boats to get on plane (no crew, heavy fuel, ice, fish, and all the other stuff you'd normally have), seems like you'd want more power than anticipated, not just enough. Nobody I know lives in the world called "test conditions". Also, the water seemed pretty flat for the test. Having that extra 35 hp per motor would seem to make a big difference in the real world, 100 miles away from home, crappy water conditions, heavy load. I admit that I have no practical knowledge with these boats, but having been on boats & worked on boats, you always hear "shoulda got the bigger motor(s)" more than any other complaint besides getting a bigger boat. I realize that money is always an issue, but the trend with boat companies seems to be to get by with minimal power. How about a real test, with real people, real gear, real fuel, real water and these same engines and also tested with twin 150's. I have a friend who has a 26' Hewes Alaskan and he said the twin 150's are the way to go.
    I think some magazine should do an in-depth, maybe multi-issue article on boat comparisons for those models that are most common to Alaska. Fish Alaska did a few articles on boats, but they were pretty general and not really geared towards hard core fishing use, fuel numbers, amenities, and the such. Thankfully we have the forum and enough folks that have these rigs to give the skinny on some of these issues!
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    I agree with you Jim. I bought an '08 26' Pacific Cruiser this last fall and I have one of those it's better to be slightly overpowered than slightly underpowered attitudes. I had the dealer put 150's on it and the total price increase over the 115's was only 4K. I did go to Soldotna and bought it through River & Sea and they actually recommend the 150's for that same reason. Dewey's couldn't touch the price for the same boat and were unbelievable painful to deal with. I wasn't able to take delivery until Dec. 1, so I haven't been able to take it out yet and see what it will do.

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    Default Hey Brett...

    We'll be up there for 3 weeks in July/Aug; if you just can't find a few guys to go fishing; I'd be glad to help you out! I make a mean (strong) thermos of coffee! We load that sucker up with a combo of straight espresso & black strong coffee (none of that transparent stuff for us!); of course I'm not man enough to drink it straight black, but the potency is still there.
    Anyway, let everybody know how your boat runs!

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    Default Test

    With the 115 Yamaha's on this boat they have over 1200 or so rpm above cruse rpm to go to WOT. On the 23SSP, 25 DW and 27 SSP I have ran with a load for the weekend, the 115's seemed to work fine. I guess it depends on how fast you want to get to the fishing hole.

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    Thumbs up Twin 115 Yamaha OB

    is plenty for my Wooldridge 23 Off-Shore. I have had the 26 Hewes and wished that I had paid the extra for 150's but absolutely do not have that issue with the Wooldridge. I think if the WOT is in the mid 40's and you can get "on-step" with just one of the twin motors, that is all the average guy would need out there without putting on extra weight on your transom. Just my opinion...

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    Default Jim

    Jim, if I'm in town I might have to take you up on that offer. A good, strong cup of coffee gets my attention every time.

    As for the tests. While the 115's may perform just fine in the tests, they are just that... tests and the conditions under which the tests were performed, especially with one up and one down, may not exactly reflect what I am going to encounter in the field. Having made the trip back from Main Bay on a buddy's 9.9 kicker because his more than adequate main engine decided it was done was more than enough to convince me that adequate is just not good enough for me. As for the additional weight they add a total of 112 pound to the transom and I gain an extra 70hp.

    It all comes down to personal preference. I prefer to have enough motor that I don't have to work my engines as hard and that I have the necessary hp to get home on one engine in rough water with a fully loaded boat without hearing that little voice saying "Boy I wish I had a little more motor."

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    Default Wooldridge performance tests

    I see they have all the tests now on the Wooldridge website under brochure's 17 Ak, 20AK II,23AK II 24 pilot,26 pilot,23 pilot, they are a lot better looking than mine.


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