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Thread: Best Bait for Pike through Ice

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    Default Best Bait for Pike through Ice

    There is talk in the office about trying to catch some pike through the ice. Was wondering what ya'll use. Thanks.

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    Default Hooligan works well

    Worked well last week.
    I've also used Herring, sardines, a piece of ham sandwich, a piece of pike liver, a piece of pike skin.
    Mostly hooligan though. If the pike are smaller I use pieces, like 2 or 3 inches so they don't grab the end of the bait, clamp down and swim away tearing the bait off the hook. If there are bigger ones I might use the whole herring or hooligan. Jigging always helps. Good luck.
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    Hering, smelt or alewife on a quick strike rig if it's legal. I'm not sure of your ice fishing regs as I live in Canada.

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    It is a pike. Anything moving will catch a pike. Try lots off different things and have a good time. Them nasty things will hit every thing and anything. Then again they are alot like women. Have to find out what mood there in to hit something. Try all your best lines. Sooner or later something will hit it. LOL Sorry I was on a roll there. I find just about any bait fish looking herring looking fish looking food looking thing works. Or as my wife (akfishgoddess says) Use a single egg to catch a trout, leave the trout on there and catch Pike Hogzilla.
    God luck and let us know how you do
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    Tip ups baited with Herring on a quick strike is my go to rig but it's always fun to tinker with really just about anything. I tied up some bright green Bunny Jigs with wire leader articulated stingers a few years ago and those aren't too bad either. Swim baits, spoons, etc all work and are even better when tipped with a little herring or a scrap of pike belly from the first one you got.

    Something else I like to do is bring a rigged jiggin stick to the hole each time I get a flag....if it's a miss, I immediately drop jiggin stick with a spoon etc. down the hole and get a strike about 75% of the's a blast.

    It's funny, as savage as they can be...they can also get really picky, I was fishing on my favorite spot a few years ago and nothing was goin...I knew the fish were there but just couldn't coax a, I put my face down by the hole and watched my spoon and about half the time there was a pike or two in sight just lookin at it...but I never could get it to bite..they would just cruise up...sniff it...and walk away.

    The whether in Dillingham finally broke zero for the first time this year (2008)...guess I'd better get the auger sharpened and the tip ups guys gave me the bug.


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