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Thread: Another "Premium" Bullet?

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    Default Another "Premium" Bullet?

    Now there's one more premium bullet choice in the dangerous game category. This kind of reminds me of the saying that if it's new and improved it isn't new, and if the old one worked why did you need to improve it? I was perusing my new Hornady catalog and saw that they are now offering a new DG series for .375 and up. The softnose looks like an XTP on steroids, copper plated steel jacket, hard lead core, and serrations in the nose in the expanding version.

    Given the technology of the his day, it appears that this might have been the type of softnosed bullet that Elmer Keith would have had a hand in designing were he still alive and opining.

    Since Hornady's are not usually recommended when the discussion is about bullets for BB (except for the usual tongue in cheek .220 Swift advice) I was wondering if anyone out there was going to be first in line to try these out this spring.

    Certainly, anyone so inclined would be using enough gun, so any failures would certainly be the bullet's fault no matter how poor the shot placement.

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    Hi FLYER55, I dug around for awhile on the web site and couldnt find any info on this bullet. If you have a link please post it.
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    Default Hornady

    I wouldn't have any problem using the "old" Hormady Interlock bullets in the right caliber for the game hunted. Just because something is new doesn't necessarily mean it is better, perhaps just different.

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    It's not on the website yet. It is in the new catalog. Midway has them listed as Coming Soon. I think it's sort of an interesting develpment because of the trend toward monolithic expanding bullets, or bonded front cores on long solid copper bases. Here we have a flatnosed bullet with a plated heavy steel interlock jacket and a hard alloy core in .375 cal and up. No bonding, no partition, no solid shank, just a fraternal twin brother in the form a solid that should print to the same poa.

    While they are clearly marketed toward the African hunter, I thought they might be of some interest to someone hunting BB. It will be interesting to see the reviews on integrity and penetration when they get to the store shelves. I believe that they are going to be about a buck apiece in .375 cal. 300 gr.


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