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    Default Kodiak This August

    Looking to spend the first week of August in Kodiak My timing is flexible so i could go earlier or later.I am interested in silvers and some butts.We did the kenai thing last July;a little crowded for me but still a good time.Anyway a little help would be greatly appreciated


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    Default Kodiak

    Give me a call. Your coming at the best time of year, great halibut, silvers offshore, ling cod, rock fish, kings. Then you have the entire road system for pinks and left over reds at pasagshak.

    You will love Kodiak, its not like any other place in Alaska.

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    Default Mike

    Get your arms in shape. Your gonna be getting a great workout over in Kodiak that time of the year. Silvers, butts, and my god pinkies everywhere. Have fun and post some pics this fall
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    the later you go the more silvers there will be
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    Default Mining silvers...

    Everything the guys have said is true.
    The place is amazing.

    Our webmaster carries Kodiak Fishing at Any Angle in the bookstore on this site and there is even a complimentary chapter for you to view.

    The halibut action is wonderful and easy; a half hour will generally put you on them. You're on an island, and that's what makes it so pleasant.

    Streams are relatively short, and the fish come in silver bright.

    I know my share of outfitters and hosts. The expense in Kodiak is no greater than the mainland. Plan your airline selection with the right carrier and you can connect to the island with a sister carrier at hardly an added increase from the fare to Anchorage.

    Now is the time to do what you are doing. I'll be there in mid-July and then return in late September.

    The Emerald Isle simply is that kind of place...


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