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    Default Remington 742/7400

    I have always been partial to the bolt action rifle. However the need to try something different has got me looking at the Remington auto loaders.

    I'm thinking one of these in a 243 with a 10 round magazine would be a good gun for jumping coyotes out of their nest. I've just never had any experience with one of them. What are your thoughts in regards to reliability, trigger, accuracy, etc?

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    Thumbs down 742

    Used a 30-06 back in the 70's very popular back then in the South.

    If you reload....small base dies and keeping them clean chamber/gas system is a must. And accuarcy was good for wood ranges.

    Suggest a Rem 760 pump in the same cal.....advantage manual operated and the barrel is free floated tends to make them more accurate. I often carry my 06 Carbine 760 while Moose and Black Bear hunting. They also have 9 locking lugs.....very good!

    They made a Rem 760 BDL in 243 with a very fancy stock.

    They made the 7400/7600 cheaper......not recommended.

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    Never had a reliability problem, but the triggers are course (as they are on the 760). I'd have no problems with your rig, but as ABM says, the 760's have tended to be more accurate.

    Not sure why you need the 10 rounder or how reliably they'd feed throughout, but not saying you shouldn't do it.

    The nice thing about your idea is that it would also make a good deer gun. I have used a mini-14 as a saddle gun and general coyote bopper for the last ten+ years. But much as I enjoy and depend on it, a deer gun it's not.

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    I concidered the mini 14 but was concerned about their accuracy as well. However when it comes right down to it most of the shooting I do is a hope and a poke any way. I can't remember the last time that I shot a coyote that was standing still. Most are running full out headed for anywhere but where their at. So bench rest accuracy doesn't come into play.

    I have hunted coyotes with a bolt gun for years and have done quite well with one. Last saturday it happened like it has so many times before, I jumped a pair of coyotes(breeding season in Iowa). I was working the bolt on that little 204 as fast as I could and did kill the ***** on the fourth round and got one shot at the male and then stood there with an empty gun as he ran straight away another 200 yards and into the timber! With an auto loader I could have had 5 more rounds in the gun ( or more) and minus time working the bolt I might have killed both of them.

    I gotta face it like it is! I aint the crack shot I once was! 20 years ago and the bolt gun would have killed em both. Well I can't get that 20 years back so now I gotta improvise!

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    Default 750

    Consider the new version of the 742/7400 if you are in the market for one of these autoloaders. THe 750 has significant improvments incorporated into the newer version. As for the 10 round mags, I've never had much luck with them. I'm seriously considering the purchase of a 750 in 35 Whelen; should be a serious piece of equipment.
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    I've got a 742 in 30-06. Seems to feed fine and pretty accurate for a production gun. It's kinda fun to shoot as the recoil is much less that say my 760 also in a 30-06. I guess if I was buying one, I'd get the 30-06, you can always use a lighter load and lighter bullet for varmit shooting and then you have a little more horsepower for the occasional bear encounter. I also use the small base dies, for both the pump and autoloader. Good luck!

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    Hey EKC,

    Back to the Mini-14 as a coyote gun. I bet mine won't do 2" at 100 yards, but it's my go-to gun in the Southwest for coyotes because most are shot on the run, and at ever increasing distances as only coyotes can move that fast after you miss them the first time. But for offhand, on the run shooting usually from horseback it's really hard to beat that little thing.

    In light of the kind of shooting you describe, I'd recommend it over the 742 in 243, so long as deer weren't on the menu.

    And I have to admit another big reason- the long magazines available for it. Where I shoot, and yes as bad as I shoot, it's real nice to have more than 10 rounds available when those suckers really light out. I sliced the side out of my saddle scabbard so I could holster my Mini with a 30 round mag, and there's another mag in a sleave on the side of the scabbard. Never had a coyote still in sight by the time I needed the second mag, but it's sure fun to keep popping even when a yodel pup is out at artillery range. Not that I have any hope of hitting them out there, but they get the message fast that they are unwelcome around our new calves.

    Gotta tell one story. We jumped a big male out of a draw at about 150, and he was angling away at something like 200 when I finally got the Mini free and the horse settled. My first shot hit about a foot behind him, and he really started making dust. It reached the point he was a spec at the point of a dust streak and I was holding about 20 feet over him and 100 feet in front of him, when suddenly he rolled and stopped. At that point I was shooting to finish emptying the mag rather than even dreaming of a hit. It took a long, long time to ride over to him. Call it 800 yards. Had to be the unluckiest coyote in creation, because he'd run right under that bullet and took it in the top of the head right between the ears.

    The funny part was the kid riding with us. He looked at the bullet hole and looked back across the valley to where I'd been shooting from, then shook his head. "Man, I gotta get me one of those Rugers!"

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    I just ordered a Browning BAR in 243 off gunbroker. However I have a friend who is a Browning nut and he is already pestering me to sell it to him. I got a couple of extra clips with it but no matter how ya slice it its still just 5 rounds and then fumble around with another clip while mr coyote is making tracks. I got the gun cheap enough that I can play with it awhile and then get my money back out of it if I don't like it.

    I have been reading about the new mini 14 target. They are suppose to shoot under an inch at 100 yds. But its like weve discussed I don't need that kind of accuracy for what I am doing other than to bolster my confidence! I know several people that have the mini's so i think I'll borrow one for a weekend and give it a try!

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    Bring lots of ammo. Lots and lots of ammo. They're way too much fun to put down if you run out.

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    I got the BAR..... I got rid of the BAR! Never had one before and never will again. Ya gota open the floor plate insert the clip into the floor plate and then close the floorplate! Way more fiddling around than I'm gonna put up with. Besides the stock on that guns was purdier than momma's best furniture. I figure first trip out I would put a couple hundred bucks worth of dings in it. I don't want any gun thats so purdy that all its good for is lookin at.

    Sooooooo! I'm back on track with the minni 14. Think I'll bid on a couple and see what happens!

    P.S. I asked my buddy if I could try his and he said sure. Just to stop by and pick it up ...its inside that back door...some ammo there too! 500 rounds of ammo to be exact. What would you do? What would he do? Yup uh huh I shot it all up! There's a pay back ahead somewhere...but then there always is. At least I'm ahead for now!

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    I like the Remington 750. Here are some factory rounds shot from my 750 Semi Auto at 100yds.


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    I use a Mini-14 for jumping wolves.

    Had my wife save my bacon with her Remington 7400 in 30-06. She had a 10 round magazine in when a Grizzly charged. That little woman emptied her magazine and switched to a five round and shot three more times. I was up to my elbows in a Moose when it happened, and my gun was leaning against a tree 30 feet away.

    When I skinned the Griz there were thirteen holes in the pelt.
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    Beartooth, Those are indeed some impressive groups! Putin em where your lookin is what its all about.

    Graybeard. 13 holes? To think someone recently made a post about their wife using a 38 special for the same purpose?

    I went with the mini 14 as this gun will be for one purpose only and that is for jump shooting coyotes. I have bigger guns for bigger critters.

    I can see myself with one of those 750's down the road though!

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    I started using a 742 Woodsmaster 30-06 back in the 70s in the northeast (NY, ME, etc) for deer and black bear. I now have 2 7400s in 30-06, one is the Weathermaster version. I was hoping to have it converted to 338-06 but so far have not been able to find anyone that will work on these series of rifles. The 760/7600 platform was popular with folks that spent a lot of time hunting waterfowl since they mostly used pump shotguns, autos have a tendancy to not like freezing temps, rain, sleet, drizzle, etc. The pump rifle used the same muscle memory and resulted in less of a learning curve. Accuracy Systems does do limited work on the 740/7400 as well as the 760/7600. Pretty amazing results. I had a Ranch Rifle worked up by them a couple of years ago and all I can say is WOW, what a difference. Their URL is: They come up from time to time in discussions here too. They do great work, pretty quick turnaround, and the price is more than worth the results.

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    Mariner. When you said you had Accuracy Systems work up a mini for you did you get the stabilizer or a whole new barrel?

    I got my new mini. Its a stainless ranch rifle and it goes to the range in the morning to see just how ugly it shoots. If it shoots like I think its going to then it will probably get the treatment as well. I just wonder how durable those stabilizers are as my truck gun takes a beating!

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    Thumbs up Bar 30-06

    My teenage rifle; A 1973 BAR; still have it and sometimes carry it moose hunting.....replaced the spring couple years ago with a Wolff Extra Power Spring. The most accurate auto I have ever shot! Shot a ton of game with it!

    The 760 Carbine in 30-06 is another favorite of mine, sweet little rifle!

    The BAR gas system are easy to keep clean.......unlike the Rem 742 or 7400.

    The 742 Rem was very popular back Southeast in the 70's accurate enough for wood ranges........I guess that is why they called it the WoodsMaster!

    The new Ruger Mini 14/30 are suppose to be more accurate.........

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    I've read that the gas system on the new Remington 750 is supposed to be much improved but haven't handled one myself. My dad used to have a 742 Woodsmaster in 30-06, but it wasn't very accurate he used to joke that he could put a lead fence up around the deer but ran out before he could close the gate...LOL!!!


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