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Thread: Ithica model 37R feather weight 16ga

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    Default Ithica model 37R feather weight 16ga

    Can anyone tell me the manf date of this gun . Serial # 541008

    Thanks Jim

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    Default When was my Ithaca 37 manufactured?


    According to my Fjestad's Book of Gun Values, your shotgun was probably made between 1937 and 1967, but the "Featherweight" designation makes me uncertain if I am reading the right paragraph. The Model 37 apparantly has been made discontinuously through the years, also. The 16 and 20 gauge carry a premium over the 12 ga. The older guns (serial # above 855,000) have a different thread on the barrels/receivers than the newer ones. Yours appears to be an older one. The older barrels will not accept 3" shells. All this supposing I am reading the correct paragraph from the book.

    Have you gone to Ithaca's web site or emailed them?

    Good luck.

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    Default Now I'm curious

    I bought an Ithaca model 37 featherweight, 12 gauge, full choke in the very early 70s to hunt dove and other edible creatures. I'll hafta' pull it out and check the serial number.

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    I've got a Featherweight and an Ultrafeatherweight, both in 20. The first is out on loan, but it's older and has an oil stock finish. I bought it used in the late 70's as I recall, but can't tell you anything about the SN right now. The second was bought new in the 80's as I recall and has a lacquer stock finish. Lots lighter but not nearly as nicely made. 16 is enjoying a bit of resergence in interest and might positively affect its value.

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    Default Ithaca Model 37s.

    The older Ithaca mdl. 37s were mostly well made, slick, light guns with the smoothest pump action I have ever seen. The 20s bring a premium and the 16s are not far behind, and gaining. The 16 ga. is close to being the ideal upland gun with the right loads. I had one in 16 ga. and I am sorry I let a friend talk me out of it, but I traded it for something I couldn't live without at the time. I predict the mdl. 37s, even though there are a lot of them out there, will achieve moderate collector status before long. In some areas and at some gun clubs, they are kind of a "cult" item already. If I recall correctly, Remington used to make this gun, but sold the patent to Ithaca way, way back.

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    Default Perhaps My Most Favoritest Shotgun...

    Older 37 16 ga., 28" modified with factory solid rib, 'deluxe' checkering and round, grooved forearm. One of those shotguns that the birds would come up, then they'd go down, and I didn't even remember the gun coming to shoulder....beautiful little shotgun. In a moment of uncertain mental capacity, I sold it to an acquaintance. Looking back, I miss that shotgun more than my first wife.....................


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