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Thread: S.E./Homer/Seward/PWS/ - Sport Fish Report

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    Default S.E./Homer/Seward/PWS/ - Sport Fish Report

    The walls are pressing in -- some how ice fishing doesn't look that comfortable today. She's a little chilly outside, the weather has certainly been questionable for saltwater pleasure cruising. Yet, there has to have been some salty types that have braved the wind and snow. Has anyone been out on the salt water sport fishing recently -- how about a fish report?

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    Not quiet as salty as I used to be,but headed out to charge up the batteries and drop a line as soon as the weather permits.Will post a report.

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    Default weather

    If it warms up enough, Fishon, I may give you a holler later this're still pretty salty to keep your boat in the water all winter!
    "The Gods do not subtract from the allotted span of men's lives the hours spent in fishing" Assyrian Tablet 2000 B.C.

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    Sounds good Nickster.Have been chomping at the bit to get out ,but ooooh the weather.Should have a report in a day or two.How long do you have off? Drop me an Email

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    Default Winter Kings

    Fished the bluff side today.Started with light northerlys,then to northeasterly and ended with a five foot ground swell out of the southwest.Landed two for five.Not white hot,but the two we bled out were cookie cutter 25#s YUM

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    Default Fishon -- with cold fingers

    So there are salty souls out there who can find the time to put up with some potential discomfort on the water even if it is chilly. Thanks for the report, I think I enjoyed hearing about your trip as much as you enjoyed being on the water.


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