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Thread: Boating on the Delta and Tanana

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    Default Boating on the Delta and Tanana

    I am interested in knowing what kinds of boats use the Tanana River in the vicinity of Delta, say between North Pole and Delta. What do you think would be the biggest in that stretch? Where are the boat ramps? Is there a place where I could find out how many boats use this stretch?


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    In the last couple of years the boat traffic has incressed a bunch because of the cow hunt. As far as the river goes make sure you can drag it off of silt and gravel bars the river braides out alot and changes all the time. I have run it alot in the past with an 18 foot welded boat with a 75 horse jet and always wished I had an air boat or a lighter boat. Bring a comalong and know how to use a deadman. Horse


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