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Thread: Parkerize or Teflon

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    Question Parkerize or Teflon

    I have looked on past threads where bluing is talked about. i'm wondering if anyone can advise on the preference of Parkerizing v/s Teflon .. Or is there a better weather finish.? and is there a reputable person doing this in the mat-valley area ? Possibly a Web link ?
    Thanks Joel

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    I like parkerizing for achieving a dull finish, but vastly prefer Teflon for salt-proofing. In my uses anyway, different tools for different jobs.

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    Talking parkerizing

    I had my 8mm-338 mag built and parkerized in 1984 and since then it's seen it all, from horendous bad weather and wear from the rigors of a lot of hunting season, both spring and fall. There isn't much worse for wearing on a rifles finish than a saddle scabbard, and mine's got countless miles on a horse, but now a little worn and battle scarred(kinda like the ol dog here)...but no rust. I don't know how durable teflon is, but a good parkerizing job is hard to beat...maybe why the military used it. Good luck, ciao.
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    Default One Teflon feature

    One thing I seldom see mentioned about teflon is that (in the one revolver I had tefloned) the double-action trigger feel was much improved.

    I only have the one experience, though.

    I had it done in Florida 30 years ago, so have no recommendation for a gunsmith locally.

    Don't neglect the possibility of having the gun hard-chromed in matte black.

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    Default Recomendation

    I had my rifle tefloned last year before moose season started. I called a local gunsmith here in town who said he sent all his guns to a gunsmith out of state. He said he charges 290.00 + shipping. I looked around the internet and found someone in Utah that did the teflon finish. I phoned him and he told me that he gave a lifetime warranty and that he did all parts of the rifle including the firing pin. To beat it all, this was the same guy who did the local gunsmiths work and only charges 145.00. I sent it to him and I absolutely love the way it came out. If you go to the website you will see my picture of 1 of the moose I shot this last year (I proxy hunted) and read my testimonial. If you would like to see my rifle before you send one in, pm me and tell me. Steve

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    Arctic Gunworks in Fairbanks does what he calls Arctic-Kote and its pretty sweet. Its a bake on teflon coating, I had a 7mm done several years ago and it endured a bunch of wet hunts with 0 maintenance and never had any issues with rust.Its not cheap but it works.

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    The teflon finishes work great in AK as long as the rifle is parkerized first. It is a step that you cannot leave out. That is why you will see a price of $300.00 as opposed to $150.00. The finish will adhere better to the metal and the parkerizing will act as a second line of defense against rust when you scratch it. My freshly tefloned sheep rifle came back with some battle scars last season. Parkerizing first is mandatory with duracoat as well. Cerakote is the only finish you can get away without this step. Parkerizing alone is a great finish for AK also. I don't like sending out my rifles so I set up my own park tank and oven and refinish my own rifles.

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    I have had 2 rifles done by Black Ice. Lee is a great Fellow to work with. I have nothing but good to say on the price and the job done. I also agree with the smooth action once it is done. Just like melted butter. Jeff

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    I have used a product called Cera Kot. Like Arctic Kot it was not cheap, but it works great. My rifle has been exposed to salt water and elements and still looks great.


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