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Thread: Need help fishing out of Ketchikan.

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    Default Need help fishing out of Ketchikan.

    I will be fishing out of Ketchikan for the first time in Mid August. I have a 42 foot Nordic Tug and have no idea of where to start my fishing adventure. Normally I have fished out of Juneau and I'm looking for a new adventure. I have eight days to spend on the water completely mobile. Not an issue to run for a solid day in order to find spectacular fishing. I can run to the outside or work my way through Clarence Strait. Halibut and Silvers are the fish of choice for this trip. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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    Couple halibut holes I know of right out of Coffman Cove, just south of kasheverov pass and snow pass out by the islands. Dont know the posits, though. Pretty deep out there in Clarence. Seems to me like any decent humps would produce some good butts. If you wouldnt mind getting up in Sumner Strait, there are some great holes out of Point Baker out around Helm Rock. Some good stuff around Level Island as well. These areas (all of em) are seriously effected by the tides though which makes em real hard to fish sometimes.

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    Default Ketchikan

    I fished out of Ketchikan for three summers when I was there working. We fished a lot off bank island, caught a lot of cod, and halibut there. A spot where we filled our limit with halibut was off of point alva, small but very plentiful. If you are looking for crab you can try bostwick in Gravina, or coon bay in george inlet. I have gps coordinates for some halibut spots, if you want them PM me. I do not have gps points for point shacken but have heard it is amazing for halibut, never made t there as we only had a 14 ft boat.

    There are some nice white sand beaches at point alva also, it is south of ketckikan near behm canal. Pm me if you want some more info.


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    Cape Chacon (southern tip of P.O.W. Is.) would be my 1st choice, I guided out of Ketchikan from 90 to 94 and Chacon was the place to be, pretty much 1 stop shopping there. Silvers should be showing up in decent numbers close to Ketchikan, I spent alot of time in Behm canal in mid to late August and into Sept from Camaano Pt all the way back to Yes Bay, some dandy late season silvers too.

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    I would go to chacon first do not pass go. its a one stop shop. You may not wont to come back. but wach your weather carfuly you dont wont to be down there in a SE blow. I dont care how big a boat you have.there are some big tide rips down off the tip.
    and if you wont to keep going. go to cape muzon about 25 miles west of chacon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FISHFOOL View Post
    ...I have a 42 foot Nordic Tug and have no idea of where to start my fishing adventure. Normally I have fished out of Juneau and I'm looking for a new adventure....
    Ritchie? That you?

    M/V CanCan - 34' SeaWolf - Bandon, OR


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