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    Default Anchorage area Bird Flu study

    Some folks may have received a request in the mail to participate in a bird flu study being conducted by the CDC. I heard about this from a hunting buddy and I gave them a call. It turns out that all Anchorage bowl waterfowl hunters are encouraged to participate whether you got a mailer or not. The CDC folks asked me to post this information for those interested:

    THE BIRD FLU STUDY Needs Your Help!
    We will enroll 200 sport hunters from the Anchorage area December ’07 and January ’08

    What is the Bird Flu Research Study?

    A survey by CDC, YKHC and ANTHC to find out if people in Alaska have been exposed to bird flu viruses or other infections from animals

    The bird flu in the news (H5N1) has not been found anywhere in Alaska or the lower 48 states

    Why a Bird Flu Study?

    •Birds coming to Alaska have traveled through areas where bird flu is found
    •To learn what risk factors may lead to exposure to bird flu viruses
    •To learn if hunters have been exposed to infections from other animals

    Who Can Be in This Part of the Study?

    •Alaska sport hunters who live in the Anchorage area
    •Hunters should have hunted and handled birds within the past 2 years

    How Can I Participate?

    •Call Helen at 729-3400 to make an appointment to ask questions
    •We will enroll the first 200 hunters who call us
    •We will have you sign an informed consent
    •We will draw your blood
    •We will ask you some questions
    •Takes about 15 minutes of your time
    •Each participant will get a check for $25

    This is as easy as it sounds. I was in and out in about 15 minutes.

    The building is located at 4055 Tudor Centre Drive on the north side of the Alaska Native Medical Center off of Tudor Road. When you get there, go to the front, buzz the call box and tell them that you are there for the bird flu study.

    Wish all the best.

    Happy New Year!


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    Default Help out

    My son, daughter-in law, daughter and I all went in and participated. Really fast and nice folks and it's for a study that is near to our duck hunting. Everyone who hunts waterfowl should consider participating.
    Ruby at the end of a good day.


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