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    Who makes a 150gr. bullet(not loaded ammunition) with the shortest distance between the ogive and bullet tip? I'm loading for an 84M, using 150 Partitions, and have to seat .095" off the lands just to clear the magazine and to eject a loaded round out of the chamber.

    I'd like to seat closer to try to squeeze a little more accuracy out. Horn. Interbonds get me as close as .050" off lands to clear everything. Thanks guys.

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    Speer 150gr Mag Tips?

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    I was going to propose plain old Hornady Spires. It's virtually a straight angle from the orgive to the point. Mag Tips are a good guess. I'd think the semi-rounds of Kodiak bullets would be in there too, but I haven't looked at a 150.

    What caliber are you loading? If it's not a long range number and you're set on short and 150, the Hornady 150 RN is really short up there.

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    Loading a .308 with 150's for sheep. Might try 130gr. barnes TSX. Any one have any experience with 130gr. TSX in a .308?

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    My impression of the TSX is that it's long in front of the orgive, but I haven't measured. I've whacked a lot of game over the years with a 308 and 150 grain bullets, coincidentally the Hornady spire I mentioned earlier, and it's a dandy game bullet for deer- and sheep-size game. And it's definitely shorter in front of the orgive than the Interbonds.

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    The closest distance form the ogive to the nose of the bullet will be acheived by using a round nosed type bullet.
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    Smile Hornady Spires

    Picked some up and will give 'em a whirl. Thank you!
    Looked up ballistics for the 130TSX and they are worse than 150's. Even loaded to 400fps faster than 150's. 2" more drop at 300 and 4" more at 400. No advantage to using them. I just wasted $30.

    Tough to beat a .308 throwing out 150 grainers for deer/sheep sized game. Thanks again for the suggestions, guys.



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