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Thread: beginner sled rider

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    Default beginner sled rider

    I just moved to the anchorage bowl from juneau and am really wanting to get into snowmachining with my brother-n-law. He just bought a brand new dragon 155 and is really into pow pow in the mountains I want a sled that can at least keep up with him and won't kill me the first time i ride it got any ideas as to what I should get? I was kinda lookin at like 01-03 rmk's or the early ski doo revs with like a 136-144" track?-john

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    Both of those would be awesome sleds, dont forget the arctic cat m7's. it sounds like your on the right track, just a 600-800 cc motor with a 136-151 track and a good price.

    But against a new dragon 800 you going to have to buy the same sled to keep up. haha thats one of the best sleds out, in my words best sled but keep looking on craigslist and you will find something. vance

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    Default check it out...


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