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    We all know the preparation, time, and effort it takes for a successful Alaska hunt. When you finally squeeze the trigger, make the shot, and recover the trophy, you think the hunting is over.........not necesarily. During June of 2005, I was fortunate enough to take a really nice blackie in PWS. A day later, I caught a halibut bigger than I am. I decided to take these two trophies to Palmer for a tail mount and bear rug. Since that time, my taxidermist has run into some major legal trouble, and I am not able to contact anyone about my trophies. This hunt isn't over yet! Is anyone else out there having the same problem?

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    Default Unfinished Bear Hunt

    Fl Bear Bait, you might try contacting the following folks for help and information. The Palmer Fish and Game Office at (907)746-6300, ask for one of their wildlife biologist. In addition contact the Palmer State Trooper Office at (907)745-4247 and ask for a Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement Officer. Between these two sources you should be able to find out whats happening with that taxidermist. Good Luck.

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    Gee.......I wonder who the guy was???? Bet I can guess. He's been a cheat and a rip off for a long time. Your probably going to have to file a complaint with the troopers and/or go to civil court to get any satisfaction.
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