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Thread: when to change trailer bearings?

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    Default when to change trailer bearings?

    having bought my first boat, im wondering what to keep an eye out for in case my bearings start to give me problems. how often to grease em and some info on how to care for em. thanks!

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    Clean, inspect, and repack at the end of each season. That way they don't sit it water all winter. Replacement when needed, I keep an entire greased hub to included bearings ready to install with me as a spare. Small price to pay to keep from leaving your rig on the side of the road. Or you could be like this.

    Good Luck and Congrats!!!!


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    Default bearing buddies

    my trailer has them. They are nice. This summer was my 4th summer on the bearings. I had a co worker of my dads at work take the hubs apart to check them. I had him replace them but he said they were fine. Actually they looked great. Pretty slick system. But if you tear them apart be ready just to replace them. They are tight fit and might damage them anyways. If you whole rig is brand new don't worry about it for a few years. One way you will notice if they are getting lose is going down a boat ramp. Wheels will look like they are wobbling a bit. Enjoy your new boat.

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    Default Bearing on Bearings

    I also use the Bearing buddys, and try to take the whole assembly down every year, but since I know that don't always happen I grease them EVERY time I launch. Should force any water out. You don't have to tear them all the way down to check the tightness of the bearings. As they wear in a little ( even new ones) I tighten the castle nut up to keep them snug. I also carry two full sets of bearing. I don't want to park my boat on the side of the road, I want to go fishing!
    Like he said small price to pay!

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    Default Bearing Buddies are great...

    But they were never designed to replace maintnence. If you look at how they work they only inject grease into the outer bearing. The grease does not make it to the inner bearing, nor was it designed to. Bearing buddies were originally designed to relieve pressure on the warm hub to prevent cooling and contracting and sucking water in through the seals. But as stated, service the bearings annually and you will not have a problem.

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    A suggestion is to not wait until you're stuck on the side of the road before you figure out how to change the bearings (and races). When you have some spare time and in the comfort of your own driveway, learn how to replace the bearings and races. And carry the tools and parts you'd need to do this whenever you tow your boat.


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