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Thread: Badlands 2200 & Moose Quarters

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    Default Badlands 2200 & Moose Quarters

    Has anyone packed out moose quarters with their 2200? I've seen pictures of people with entire hogs on their 2200's and their website site says their pack can in fact carry moose quarters, but I just don't know. The pack seems to be designed very well and sturdy but I haven't put that much weight on my 2200. The pack seems a little small and the internal frame design has me leary. Has anyone else carried this much weight with their 2200? thoughts? concerns?

    I am not concered with tearing or ripping the pack since the warranty seems to be top notch, but I am just looking to see if I can leave my pack frame at home next moose season, and I'd like to know what my 2200 is capable of without learning the hard way in the field.

    If no one has any in field experience I'll have to go buy a couple bags of sand and give it a go myself.

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    I saw the claims on the Badlands website that the 2200 will carry a moose quarter. I think what they're trying to show is the material is strong enough to withstand the weight. Do you really want to carry a moose quarter with your 2200? Probably not. A good pack frame still has its place. I got an Eberlestock J104 this past fall as a gift. I am hoping to test it out next fall. Similar to the Badlands, I think the Eberlestock is probably strong enough to carry a moose quarter, but I don't plan on trying it. Though I have no doubt if you did make it a habit of carrying that much weight with your pack, you'd be using that lifetime warranty more than once

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    Badlands warranty

    Our Warranty
    We don't care what happened, or whose fault it was, we will fix it for free forever. We could care less if you bought it at a garage sale or a gear swap, as long as it says Badlands on the pack it's covered. All we ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so we can learn how to make better products.

    Now you see why we thought it would be a shame to hide a warranty like this in the fine print.
    I might have to put that warranty to the test.

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    A hunting buddy of mine has used that pack for several years now as his dedicated sheep pack an yes he has packed out more than 1 ram in it. His gear is limited and he doesn't carry alot of food but will be in the mountains for days with what he carries in that 2200 and it all gts strapped on somehow coming out, meat included.He doesn't do things the way most of us do though.

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    I was following him up a drainage a couple years ago and his rifle (Ruger M77 300 WM), a coat and his spotting scope were stuffed in the bat wings and all I kept thinking was how does he do that.

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    I think someone on the 24hr campfire has done elk qtrs with it. He said he made a small modificaton & it works great. He was going to post pictures but never did & I haven't check the thread in over a month so it might be done.
    Would be worth looking up & seeing if he would post the photos again.

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    Default Have Done it

    Done the moose quarter with the badlands. It is tough enough I was not, not enough padding and wanted to flop around a little too much. I hauled one, returned to camp and grabbed by frame.

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    thanks for the reply moosedrool. I want to try it, but will definately have my frame as a backup. This year I have a moose packing favor to repay. Last year the frame worked great, but I'd hate to have a wardbrobe malfunction with the 2200.


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