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Thread: Doing my part.

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    Smile Doing my part.

    Had a friend wanting me to teach her how to shoot and handle firearms. So I helped her pick out a new gun a month or two ago deciding on a little Marlin .22 auto. We finally were able to get out. I realized on the drive out of town that I have never showed a female how to shoot. The ex-wife was never interested and neither is the current boss. So after going over the gun, safety stuff, posture, how to aim, and all the other stuff we were ready to shoot. After about 8 or 10 shots I realized there was something not right since she wasn't even close to the target. We found out that she is left eye dominant. So we switched to shooting left handed. Good lord, I don't ever want to be in a competition with her!! Well, she is hooked and the smile on her face was proof. She is already looking forward to getting back out there and also teaching both her daughters how to shoot. She was actually brought up to fear guns and everything about them. I must say, I got a lot of pleasure showing this to her and I can't wait for my daughters and future son to reach that age where I can do this for them.

    I have decided to make a new goal: to teach 5 folks each year the fun of shooting, hunting or just the great outdoors!! It may be kids or adults but I am going to do my part it getting more folks to enjoy what most of us on here already know!!

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    Thank You for helping dispell the beliefs that all firearms are evil and so are their owners. Maybe she will do the same and add another enthuseast to our ranks.
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    Nicely done! You ARE doing your part.

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    Thumbs up Good on ya!

    I love teaching new shooters.

    Depending on where you find them, it may be hard to teach 5/year, so my only advice would be not to take too many out at once. I've found that I can teach two people to shoot at once. More than that and I'm beyond my skill level as a teacher - they get a little bored, or frustrated that they're not hitting bullseyes because I'm not reinforcing the basics as they shoot.

    Okay, two pieces of advice: If there's somebody at the range with a 50 BMG or a ported 30-378, take the 'student' out for coffee. They're not likely to have much fun, and will likely develop the beginnings of a flinch. Bring 'em back in an hour or so when the big boomer is gone.

    Funny about the left eye dominant thing - I taught one guy to shoot and couldn't figure out why he was leeeaaanning waaaaay over the top of the rifle. Finally I realized he was using his left eye.

    In the last year or two I've borrowed a phrase I read on these forums: I tell new shooters that every firearm on the planet has its main safety located in exactly the same place, and ask them if they know where. Nobody has yet come up with "between the shooter's ears" on their first guess.

    Have fun with it!


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