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    Has anyone ever floated the Tiekel River? Is it floatable? Thanks.


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    Default No

    The Tiekel River is unrunnable according to the late Andy Embeck who published "Cold and Fast". I think that's the name of the book. I've flown over it and wouldn't even think about it..

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    Default Tough!

    I use to work for the BLM down in that country and no it is not run able. I use to dream and I did a lot of research on how to do it but there is a canyon that shoves you under a ledge and thus is un-run able. Cool looking stretch of water but wow!
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    Embick says that the upper section is class II, but suitable for kayaks only. I'm not sure there's enough water until it runs into the Tsaina.

    He then says that the lower section (where all the fun is) is cool class VI- (Yeah, nearly class 6. Wow!), and then only at low water, and only with a couple waterfall portages. It's been run twice by the crazy duo of Chris Roach and Andy Embick, but only once by John Markel, who evidently has a smidgen more sense than his one time friends.

    However, these feats were done in Perception Dancers and the like, which no one in their right minds would consider a true whitewater boat by todays standards. So perhaps Killer Death Fang Falls is not quite as unrunable as the good doctor describes. I'm not willing to find out.


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