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Thread: Pinned Front Sights on Newer Revolvers?

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    Default Pinned Front Sights on Newer Revolvers?

    I notice how S&W M29 and M629 mostly all have pinned front sights and Ruger introduced the pinned sight on the new 4" Redhawk and the Super Redhawk Alaskan. Taurus is also pinning the front sight on their heavy revolvers and they were one of the last companies to offer milled front sights. I like the dovetailed front sight on my Super Blackhawk Hunter and I like the screwed front sight on the Blackhawk. For a smaller more portable revolver I think it would be nice to find one with a milled front sight. The gun companies are advertising pinned front sights as an advantage because they are easily replaced. Is this just a way to cut costs or are pinned front sights really an advantage for most of you? Personally, I have never had to replace a front sight on any revolver but I'm careful not to abuse my gear and I usually keep it holstered 99% of the time.

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    Interchangable, pinned-in front sights allow you to adjust point of impact for elevation on a fixed sight revolver by simply changing front sight blades. But it may also be easier to manufacture a barrel with a removeable front sight rather than machine it into the barrel blank like on the older Smith & Wessons, etc. Just a guess...

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    I haven't had to replace the pinned sight on my sp101 yet, but I like the concept; it leaves room to add a tritium sight later on if I feel so inclined.

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    It is really handy to change the front sight out to go to or from a red or white insert. The Ruger redhawk has a very nice quick change front sight and they have an array assorted colors, or just solid black sights, for it. But for some stupid reason they put a pinned in front sight on the 4" Redhawk and the regular quick change front sights won't fit it. And as of now they still don't have any replacement sights for the red insert that I dislike. But in general it is a very good idea, changeable front sights.
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    On my old Redhawk I changed out the front for a brass bead and the blade for a V notch rear sight (both provided as accessories at one time by Ruger). They're still my favorite sights for handgun hunting. I made shots that I shouldn't have tried with them, shots that I certainly wouldn't have tried with conventional revolver sights. If I could get them on other revolvers I'd use them more, but it's sure hard to leave that RH home.

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    Thanks for the replies. I just wanted to see how others felt. I typically don't change revolver sights much and I really like the old model 66 with the unmoveable milled front sight. I'm looking at buying a 4" Redhawk so I guess I'll try the pinned sight.


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