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Thread: Anyone ever use Northwestern Aviation?

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    Default Anyone ever use Northwestern Aviation?

    Jim seems like a stand up guy and I am looking at using him for my fall caribou. I don't put all my eggs in one basket, but I do respect this forum and would like to hear what some of the experience has to say.

    Thank you in advance


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    Thumbs up Northwest Aviation


    I don’t know how important my opinion is but Jim is one of the 3 pilots that I refer my clients to up here in Kotzebue. He knows the region, is safe, charges by the hour rather than the flat rate style and he has 2 planes on wheels and 1 on floats so there are plenty of options. He is a good guy. Don’t be shy about booking with him.

    Northwest Alaska Backcountry Rentals
    Your best bet in Rafts and camp rentals
    Kotzebue, Alaska
    33 miles north of the Arctic Circle

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    Default Great!!

    I used them this last fall for a bou hunt and he is probably the best air taxi guy I've worked with in over 23 yrs of alaska fly out hunting....

    Lock him in and go for it!! we were a fairly large group and he worked well with our size, he thought about what was best for our trip... there was a last minute change in our trip plan that he suggested (because of weather)... it actually cost him money to make the suggestion (shorter flight times and no raft rental) but he knew it would make for a better trip for us at the point.... so he made the suggestion and it turned out to be an incredible trip....


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    Default nwav

    I'm glad to hear the good word on Jim. I just sent him my deposit yesterday. Walt I did listen to your advice.

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    Thumbs up

    I grew up in Kotz. Thumbs up for NA.
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