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Thread: Brown/Grizz outfitter suggestions

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    Question Brown/Grizz outfitter suggestions

    I would love to hunt the mystique of Kodiak or the bruins of the peninsula. However the 15-20+ grand price tag makes that unattainable for me.
    I have looked/talked to several outfitters that hunt elsewhere (ie unit 16) that seem to have good bears and more reasonable rates. Does anyone have suggestions on who I should look at? Do you think that the outfitters that are bigger and do their own flying are better choice that the smaller guy who prob will be the guide himself and charters??? I am realistically looking at 2010 or so.. that will give me enough time to secure the funds and to convince my wife….. or get divorced Feel freee to PM if you wish.
    Thanks Much

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    Talking Forum members

    There are some good outfitter/guides that are members and contribute greatly to this forum. Check them'll be worth your time. I think one can learn quite a bit about these folks, just reading and paying attention to what and how they say it. Good luck.
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    I know of a long time small operation on the penninsula that is 100% successful and not $15-20k, more like $12k. Avg. bear is about 9'.

    They are out there...
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    Take a look at hunting with Jake Jefferson of Black River Hunting Camps. His Kodiak rates are below what you listed above, and his grizzly rates are considerably below what you listed above. He has high success rates, but even more importantly he is an owner/operator of his own service who is honest, very hard working, and overall just a great guy.

    He recently posted a thread about a recent Kodiak hunt that he guided. The story was also used for an article in the Anchorage Daily News. He posts on here under the name BRWNBR.

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    Sent you a PM

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    Default bear guide

    Joe Want out of Fairbanks , the real deal .

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    Steve guides Unit 13 and 16. I killed a 9.5 -10 footer / 27 inch skull with him.
    His costs are not in the $15-20k range more like $10-13k.


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