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Thread: rebarreling?

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    Default rebarreling?

    Gentlemen..gotta ask the question..I have a Brno in 222 question is..can it be rebarreled in 204 cal? Any idia, suggestions, approx costs? Love the gun, but just want to reach out and touch those far out coyotes...Desertdog

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    Please don't do that. Sell me the BRNO and buy a CZ 527 varmint with the H-S Precision stock in 204 Ruger. It should come out even money if your little BRNO is in nice condition.
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    Default WHY

    The 204 isn't an improvement over the 222, ballistically or accuracy wise. The 222 after being developed and adopted by Reminton became the standard bench rest caliber until the advent of the PPC. The 222 with it's 40-50 grain bullets develope more energy down range and are an improvement in windy conditions, over the 5mm projectile.
    Instead of rebarrelling the 222 a simple rechamber to 223 might provide a better option. The 1-14 twist barrell of the 222 will not be suitable for the heavy bullets launched by standard 223's however. The 1-14 twist is partial to 35-50 grain bullets.
    But better yet sell me the rifle !!!
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    Default rebarrel?

    Sorry guys..didn't want to sell's sweet..I would rate it a 91/2 out of 10..really nice shape....but I may just leave it the way it is and just go buy a 204 if I feel I got to have one....or, and, maybe, a 22-250, 25-06 and a 243..that way the brno can have a rest!...thanks for the answers guys...Desertdog

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    Default leave it a triple deuce

    Out to 250-275 yards there is no real difference as far as actual performance between the triple deuce and the .223. I'd leave that nice CZ alone.

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    I know you are just thinking out loud, but, listen to what the others have said. The triple deuce is a fine cartridge and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I understand the desire to acquire and try a new cartridge as I'm terminally infected with the same disease. Most of my life, I've been buying rifles, chambered for factory and wildcat cartridges, reloading ammo and chasing ballistics looking for the perfect combo and ain't found it yet. Recently in an attempt to simplify, I have even managed to eliminate some of the cartridges I load for. At one time or another I've had most of the .22 calibers, I've finally settled on the .22-250 (works best for me). I've also tried a .204 (under the pretense that I could eliminate my .17 and .22 calibers by shooting a tweener). What was I thinking? Anyways I've come to my senses and have decided to stick with one .17 caliber the .17 Fireball and one .22 caliber: .22-250. The .204 is moving on. Great cartridge, very accurate - just don't need it. If you really want a .204, figure out another way, don't desecrate that BRNO. That's my 2 cents.




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