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    I got my first ATV a few days ago (yay!); 2008 450 Rhino. I want a winch. I know that warn is generally the name to go with but I see the Vipermax on ebay for a 1/3 the cost. From doing research on other forums I see fairly decent reviews. I was wondering if anyone on this forum is running a winch other than warn and has any thoughts on it.

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    I bought a 3000 lb extreme winch off ebay about two years ago and hasn't skipped a beat even with lifting a plow all winter and all the other stuff I get myself in & out of . Good luck and congrats on your new toy.

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    Warn, Warn.

    Synthetic Winch Line
    Synthetic Winch Rope

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    See my post above. No winch is infallible. Order directly from Moto Alliance and ask for the Highlifter discount. Check on for dozens of compliments on the winch. Loved mine and saved the day many times over. Top notch customer service. Get the synthetic rope and hawse, the only way to go.


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