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    Does anybody know anything about the ballistics of the 300 Rem Ultra Mag, and how it compares to the 300 and 338 Win Mag?

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    I love should take a look at remingtons ammo: power level I,II and III...these different levels give you different performances...just depends on what you wanna hunt

    check out their website:

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    A buddy of my dad's has one that he reloaded for and found that when loaded up to its true capabilities, it was quite a handful. Basically, with "magnum" loads it became more than just a little bit unpleasant to shoot. That being said, if you reload, it's all what you make of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by todperk View Post
    Does anybody know anything about the ballistics of the 300 Rem Ultra Mag, and how it compares to the 300 and 338 Win Mag?
    250fps faster than the 300 Winnie, no way to compare it to the .338, apples and oranges type thing.
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    Default .300 Rem. Ultra Mag.

    One of my favorites, but perhaps not the best Alaskan caliber. As one of the previous respondents said, 250 fps. more than the .300 Win., no way to compare it to the .338 Win. In a regular Rem. BDL 700 the recoil is sharp and quick. Quite a rollicking experience. I much prefer the recoil of a rifle that launches bullets at 2600 fps. I had a muzzle brake installed on my .300 RUM after a couple of trips to the range. Now it is a sweetheart to shoot and capable of fine accuracy even with a light barrel. It can be handloaded to exceed factory velocities without going over the safe maximum pressures. Mine likes 180 gr. Nosler Partitions and Accubonds, and 200gr Partitions and Accubonds. It doesn't like Barnes 165 gr. TSXs.
    Hunting antelope with it I used 180 gr. partitions, and they were superbly accurate and dropped deer and antelope in their tracks. Easy shots out to 400 yds. Beyond that one has to do some math. The trajectory is flat as a moonbeam. It is one of the flattest shooting calibers one can buy factory ammo for. In the real world, it doesn't get any better. It can be pressed into service on the big animals, but there are better choices. On moose and the like I would use 200 gr. Barnes X bullets or 200 to 220 gr. Nosler Partitions. A Swift 220 gr. A-Frame would also be a good choice.
    This caliber is a superb choice for all deer, pronghorns, caribou, sheep and goats.
    It is a great open-country elk rifle, and will serve well for caribou, barren-ground grizzlies and the like. Use stout bullets for bears. The .300 Rem. Ultra Mag is enough faster than the other .300 mags. that I would say to forget standard bullets. Premium, controlled expansion bullets are the only projectiles I could recommend for it. I recommend a muzzle brake, and shoot it enough to get really comfortable with it. Mine will safely launch a 180 gr. bullet at over 3,300 fps. That is a whole new dimension in shooting. Fair warning; even with premium bullets, it will jelly a lot of meat under 300 yds. But it will get meat when nobody else has a shot.
    By the way, in Rem. 700s that I have seen, including mine, it is inherently accurate. It is hard to come up with a bad load for it.

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    Jack I have had two and bothe were very picky about the load. My last one was a christionson arms and that went from a 6 inch group down to sub moa by a change in factory rounds and my old bdl was the same way but I did not own that one long enough to find out what it really like. Also I shot my moose this year with my 300 UM using 200 grain partitions 3000 fps 4000 ft lbs at under 50 yards through both blades and I think i have desroyed more meat shooting deer with my bow. It was not bad at all. Just in my opionion It is a great round but either you will be spending alot of time and money on the reloading bench or spending alot of money with factory rounds at the shooting range. I second the muzzle brake. I had a removable one and loved it at the range but did not use it hunting to save my ears.

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    Default 300 rum

    I have 2. Both are remington 700's and they both are sub moa rifles with 180, 200 gr. partitions, accubonds , and trophy bonded bear claws with retumbo or H870. It's easy to get 3300+ with 180's and 3150+ with 200's. These are chronographed velocities with a 26" barrel. 3450+ with 165 partitions.
    All of these speeds can be increased by 50-100FPS while staying within published loads, however I get 10+ shot brass life at the slightly lower speeds.
    No worries that way.

    Stay with premium bullets!
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