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Thread: Mossberg 590 Mariner Problems

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    Unhappy Mossberg 590 Mariner Problems

    Hello to all,

    I have owned and heavily shot a Mossberg model 500 (20ga) for about 12 years now. I absolutely love it and have been tremendously impressed by it. So with this in mind, and wanting to finally upgrade to a 12 gauge for better bear protection and wider ammunition selection, I decided to purchase a Mossberg 590 Mariner. I purchased the gun at Walmart (perhaps mistake #1? - "all gun sales are final") and since have yet to shoot it. I am concerned as I went to show my friend one of the reasons I love Mossbergs, the ability to remove all of the shells from the magazine without cycling them through the chamber. However, I have found that in this model, the shells in the magazine tube have a little slop to them, and will sometimes jam themselves against the elevator when I press the release "button". I can still fish the shell out by using my thumb to pull down on the back of the shell, but it is not performing the way it was intended. This is greatly irritating to me and I strongly suspect the quality of Mossberg has declined since I purchased my first shotgun from them so many years ago. I ask any fellow owners of Mossberg 590's to let me know if they have had similar problems, especially with the Mariner in particular, and if repaired, how so. The temptation to just file the underside of the elevator plate down a few thousandths of an inch is quite present, but I really hate modifying something without knowing if I should just send it in and have it replaced. Anyone else own a 590 mariner and had problems like this?

    -Thanks in advance for your help


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    Default Contact Mossberg

    I would call Mossberg. They have been really nice to me on the phone. I have a Mossberg Model 500 and ordered a replacement barrel from them.



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