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Thread: Honda Rincon questions

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    Default Honda Rincon questions

    I want an ATV that would be used primarily for hunting and possibly some occasional trail riding with the family. The trails to my bear stands don't allow any wide open riding, but there are some pretty technical obstacles and some nasty mudholes to traverse. In many of the other threads I have noticed that a lot of people love Honda's for their reliability. The only real negative thing that keeps popping up is the rough ride of the straight axle and the low ground clearance. Throughout all of these discussions, I haven't seen the Rincon mentioned much. It seems the Rincon would be the best of both worlds. Honda reliability + IRS + little more ground clearance + little more power. I know the Rincon can't compete with the big bore ATV's in power, and it's a "3 wheel drive" due to it's lack of a locking differential (then again, so are all the other Honda's that seem to have endeared themselves to so many Alaskans). Without rambling on any longer I'll get to my questions.

    1. Wouldn't this rig do better in the muskeg and tussocks than the straight axle wheelers and just as good as the Grizz/Suzuki/Polaris?

    2. What would the downside to this wheeler be for a Alaskan hunter (not a racer or mudder)?

    3. Since it's a newer platform, is the Rincon as reliable as the Foreman/Rancher ATV's,?

    4. Does the lack of a locking diff hurt this wheeler that much, or will the extra power (more than the other Honda's), aftermarket tires and a winch pretty much even the score?

    I have owned a couple of late model Polaris' and a Grizz 660. Each of these wheelers had their good and bad points. I have always wanted a Honda, but the Rincon is the only one that has the options I want. I guess my last question is (5.) would the Rincon have the options I "need" here in the great state of Alaska? I have read many reviews on the rincon and it gets high marks for it's ride and handling. It always takes a beating however for it's lack of power compared to other's in it's class and for not having a locking diff. I'd just like to hear some opinions on this particular wheeler from my fellow Alaskan outdoorsmen.

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    Default rincon

    I own a 2003 Rincon and have been completely satisfied with the machine. I am running Maxxis Big Horn Tires (Radials) and have used the machine to access hunting areas in the interior and Kodiak. The reliability is not compromised cause of the "new platform" as I can tell, and it does just fine in mud and is an awesome trail bike. I have heard some negative things about mudding, but I think alot has to do with the driver. No dissapointments whatsoever.

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    Default Rincon

    I had an 06 foreman and 06 rincon. The rincon did much better clearance wise.
    I never had a problem except when putting on heavy loads. The soft suspension
    (soft ride) just bottomed out too much. I put on stiffer springs which helped some. My brothers' griz 660s did better in my opinion. I would highly recommend looking at the griz 700. The efi seems to help fuel econ alot. It did on the efi rincon, anyway. I thought the Rincon looked better....

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    I have an 07 Rincon and love it! I bought it in June and now have over 1,000 miles on it. I mostly trail mine here in Kodiak but the trails are not groomed to say the least. Even with the stock tires I never got it stuck. I did have problems with cutting the tires on sharp rock and have upgraded to Maxxis Bighorns. I think the Rincon handles a load pretty well. The efi is awsome, the ride is great, it gets good gas milage, handles extremely well, and I think the power is good. If you want to learn anything and everything about the rincon go to


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