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    I just order a basix trigger for my 22-250. It said that it adjusts from 4 oz to 3 lbs. What would be a safe lbs to set the trigger at. I was thinking 1.5 to 2 lbs. It is a varmit hunting/ target rifle and i want to make sure that it will be safe. Thanks in advance

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    I have the same trigger only 8oz. to 1.5 lb. and use it at the factory setting and I really like it. What a nice difference over stock.

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    Default 2 Lbs

    For a varmit rig I like 2 lbs. After installing and adjusting the new trigger test to see if you can get the rifle to dry fire without touching the trigger. A couple things I do: I set the safety and pull the trigger hard, really hard, then release the safety with out touching the trigger and see if the sear still holds. If not you need more sear engagement. If trigger is still holding as it should then I hit the side of the receiver with a rubber mallet and drop the rifle onto the batt pad 3-4 times to see if the trigger still holds. Still holding? - Good, now with out the safety on slam the bolt closed several times to see if the trigger holds. Don't stop until it's right.

    I installed a Rifle Basix on a .243 Savage and had a difficult time going above 1.75 lbs. I don't remember what RB trigger model it was, but it was susposed to go up to 3 lbs. I called RB and they said that it wasn't uncommon with that trigger and I could send it back for another one. After just a few shots my buddy who owned the .243 loved the new trigger so everybody was happy. I must say the trigger was crisp, expecially when comparied to the old Savage trigger.



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