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    anyone want to rate the new 22' hewescraft pacific sport ,looks like anice hull for what i want , any opinions

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    Go 24 or 26, you'll be upsizing in a few years if you don't . . it's called twofootitis . . . a well known malady amonog boat owners. I went from 20' to 26', and it's the right size for me. Good luck with the decision,



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    Default Love It!

    We sold our 2006 22ft searunner FT and got the 22 ft pacific cruiser last summer. What an amazing difference between the two boats. Having the dining table and the sleeping berth makes the boat seem twice as big. We opted not to have the stove/sink put in and had an extra bench seat put in its place.

    We overnighted on the boat and it works great. We use a portable grill on the back deck to cook with.

    The boat handles really well, of course I would love to have a 24 or 26ft version, heck for that matter I would be happy with a custom 34' but that's not gonna happen anytime soon on my budget. We bought what we could afford.

    I have the 150 yamaha which runs pretty good, sometime wish I had gotten the 200 or maybe a 225 but it didn't seem worth the extra money and weight for a few extra knots.

    The only complaint I have is that we have broken two windshields so far. The forward angle seems to be perfect for taking rocks and shattering them. Going to make a cover for the windows before spring comes along.


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    Default broken glass

    if the windshield is just a flat piece get it replaced with laminated safety glass instead of tempered glass it will still break but will stay in place just like the windshield in your car , as a glazier i am puzzeled why they put tempered instead of laminated in the windshield

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    I was looking at the 22 ft but pulled deep into my pockets and stretched to get the 26 ft pacific cruiser. I couldn't be more happy with the boat. Going with a 26 ft was the best decision I made and the new 2008 models have some great enhancements.

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    Default Just posted my 24' PC on swap and sell

    Love the boat but have sights on a little bigger boat . This is my third Hewes.


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