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Thread: Prudhoe/Deadhorse Char?

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    Default Prudhoe/Deadhorse Char?

    I am driving in the last week of Aug 08 from Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse for a caribou hunt flyout with Deltana. On the road from Anchorage or either in the Prudhoe area are there any good places to fish for char? Either before or after the hunt I want to char fish for a couple of days.

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    Are you driving clear to Deadhorse? Ralph's camp is at Happy Valley. But yes, there are several options for fishing on the way up. We have tried doing some fishing during our trips up there and have found that we never have enough time to really enjoy it. Then coming back, if we connected which we have, we are making a pretty quick trip back to anchor town to get the meat processed. I'm sure there will be some guys giving you exact streams and ponds to hit on the way up! Good luck.

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    There are some good areas to fish up there but with Char it seems you need to be there when they are running. After work everyday Myself and another guy would drive down from Prudhoe and go fishing. We had better luck with grayling but over the length of the summer we did manage to catch a few char over 4lbs. Nothing huge but better than work!!! The best place we found outside the lease was about 15miles south of deadhorse where the pipeline goes under the road the first time. There is a long/deep hole that we had some success with. Also anywhere you have a good washed out bank just upstream seemed to produce pretty decent grayling. As for gear the typical vibrax should do you good. Have fun and maybe we shall see you out there this summer!!!


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