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Thread: Kicker size for 22' searunner

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    Default Kicker size for 22' searunner

    Looking for some advise, I run a 22' searunner with a 115 Yamaha and no kicker. I was offered a 2004 6HP mercury as a trade for a snowmachine I have no use for. Will this Merc work for me? I appreciate all feedback positive and or neagative thanks.

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    Default Kicker

    I have a ET22HT with an 8hp high thrust yami kicker. It works fine for trolling and we use it when we beach the boat or head up into a shallow area that we aren't familiar with. The 8hp has enough thrust for getting to shore in most cases if the main is out of commission. I think a 6hp might be a bit small but it really depends on what your needs are. For trolling I would think that you could get up to 2.5-3mph... The price sounds right
    Hope this helps..
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    Default A bit small

    I also have a 22' ocean boat and a 10 HP Evinrude as a kicker. It moves the boat along at 5-6 mph in calm weather. It's great for trolling, moving the boat around the cove, putting on the zodiac to cruise, etc... but it won't do very well maneuvering the boat if it gets crappy out.
    I think a 6 HP kicker would be OK for trolling and such but might not have enough "umph" if you want it as a back-up to keep you pointd in the right direction if your main goes down in rough weather.
    As stated above, it all depends on what you are planning on using it for.

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    Default depends on your needs

    if you plan on leaving it on your boat and not taking it off to put on a dingy then 15-25hp would be best. I have a 15hp 2 stroke that does okay, I had a 25 hp four stroke on my 20 ft alumaweld and it was great knowing that the motor could scoot me along in case the main motor went out, no hopes of getting it on step. If you plan on taking it on and off to put on a dingy then the smaller lighter motor might be a better choice. The 15hp I have now is managable as a motor for the zodiac and as a kicker. Just wish it was 4 stroke so I didnt have to have a separate gas can to run the 2 stroke.


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    Quote Originally Posted by alaskariverguy View Post
    If you plan on taking it on and off to put on a dinghy then the smaller lighter motor might be a better choice.


    I may be off here, but wouldn't the Hewescraft take a long shaft? Most tenders that I have seen take a short shaft. A long shaft could make for some interesting, perhaps dangerous performance issues. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Ya could counter-act the longshaft problem by getting an adjustable kicker bracket; don't go cheap, get a good one rated for a 25 hp motor even if your running smaller; they're built better and cand take a pounding. I had a 18 hp Tohatsu kicker on a adjustable bracket, did fine here on Kauai (typically rough; calm waters rare).
    Also, if you mount an adjustable kicker bracket, take care of the height on the transom where you choose to mount it. Best to put the boat in the water (loaded) and see where the best place is to mount one.

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    Default Motor

    I have a 2006 20hp long shaft honda I would sell you with less then a hour time on it. $2200.

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    Default 22' Bayliner Explorer w/9.9 Honda

    22' Bayliner Explorer w/9.9 Hi Thrust Honda that pushs me @ 5 to 8 mph, the thought was to us it on my 13' Zod, but taking it off the boat and onto the Zod is not as easy as I'd like. So I'll buy a small motor for that,(5hp?) Was going to use my 25hp Honda but to heavy and way overkill and no chance of transfering it.
    So that motor might work good enough.


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