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Thread: Dillingham area rivers

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    Default Dillingham area rivers

    I'm looking for a river. I came up to Alaska this past July for the first time, and have been trying to convince my wife that we need to move up there for the past 5 months. I am conceeding defeat on that idea. So, the next best option is planning my next trip.

    This summer, I floated Lake Creek with 3 buddies. The trip was incredible. Lots of big rainbows, some nice grayling and a few Kings(including the fish that snapped my 8 wt.). I know this was a pretty easy float trip, but it was my first trip to Alaska.

    With the help of a lot of generous folks on this board, and scouring the internet on my own, I've decided that I'd like to do a float trip out of Dillingham. Fishing is again fairly high on the priority list, but getting away from the crowds and testing myself a bit more is higher on that list.

    So, on to my questions. The most obvious would be suggestions on rivers. Rapids aren't a huge issue, but I don't want to die. Length of trip- The 5 days on Lake Creek wasn't quite long enough. Fishing- I love big rainbows, well any rainbows really. The King fishing didn't do much for me. It was fun, but I could easily take a pass this time around. I've never hooked into a Dolly or Char, so that would be of interest, as would Silvers.

    Weather is pretty much a non-issue. I've been on many 2 week canoe trips in the Quetico during Oct.(60's and sun-upper 40's and rain-wind and blowing snow-and back to 50's and sun). Weather has never ruined a trip for me.

    We will ship our gear as freight to Dillingham, and jump off from there. Unfortunately, this trip won't happen until '09, but you can never get excited too early.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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    PM me I might be able to help you out
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Default sounds like a trip on the nush

    would fill your needs,have lots of contacts for gear rental for float trips,i would be glad to steer you toward those that have done it a while and live in dillingham,be ready to pay a bit for the air service out and back.


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