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Thread: 30-06 hunting load advice

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    Default 30-06 hunting load advice

    I've offered to help a good friend reload some 30-06 ammo. I'm not an '06 guy so don't have much advice for him on hunting loads. He hunts moose and the occasional black bear/caribou type stuff. I'm pushing towards the 200 grain TSX or the Partitian equivelant. I think he's interested in one good load and leaving well enough alone and shooting just the one load. Any powder suggestions? I'm pretty familiar with .338 WM and the .270 Wby Mag but not the good old '06.
    Any info/advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default 06 loads

    Pretty hard to argue against 4350 and a 180 Partition. I keep shooting stuff, and stuff keeps dying. The 180 interlock wouldnt be bad either.

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    I'll second the choice of a 180 rather than a 200. In my book the 06 falls just short of pushing the 200 fast enough to give the trajectory I want for an all-around load. Your pick of bullets, but I'm a Patition fan, too. And 4350 is right in there with the best for that weight.

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    I'm an '06 guy and agree with the others ...180 is the optimum of the heavier bullets for this rifle I think. 165 for longer range thinner-skinned stuff. That said, I'll toss in my 2-bits for the Barnes TSX 180gr HP. It will paper-punch thin-skinned lighter game that's easier to kill and doesn't run so far (saves meat on animals that deliver less meat) yet will knock down heavier stuff with good expansion and an effective wound channel. You can't beat solid copper for staying together as it drives through bone and muscle. As far as powder goes, I haven't reloaded anything yet but I'm about to ...I got lots of votes for 4350, Varget, R19, 4831, in that order if I recall, but they aren't the only powders ...but still, their burn rates seem to be near optimal for this rifle combined with 180 gr rounds (as I've been told ...)


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    200 Grain nosler partition gets my vote. Max load, work up from 54.0 gr:
    57.0 gr of 4350, loaded from a drop tube into civilian brass. Works good.

    Point blank range, sighted 3 inches high at 100 yds on Moose is 400 yds, which is the same as a 180 or a 165. Caribou PB range is 350 yds.

    200 gets out their with more, holds up well up close. Proven so far on Moose, Brown Bear, Sikta Deer, Dall Sheep, Caribou.

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    IMR 4350?


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    I'd try both IMR and Hodgdon. Some guns prefer one and some the other. I usually try H4350 first, just cuzz it seems to meter more consistently than IMR in my measure.

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    Default 30-06 loads

    Most recently I've use 180 grain Hornady IB and Swift A-Frames useing RL-19 powder, which I feel is an excellent all around '06 load.

    With 165 grain bullets I've had the best results useing IMR4350 powder.

    I used H-4831 and a drop tube with 200 Nosler Partitions and managed to get almost 2600 fps. I feel this is an good moose load, but would lean toward the 180 grain load as an all around load in the '06. I think the 200 grain slugs come into their own in the various 300 magnum calibers.


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    Rule of thumb with TSX or Barnes bullets since they shed very little....if you need 200gr performance go with 180. If you need 180gr performance go with 168 TSX.

    the 168 TSX Tipped with H4350 @ 57.5.

    The 180gr TSX will handle everything the good ole 06 will handle.

    I favor H4350 @ 56.0 with 180gr TSX. (Best all around load) for Alaska

    If u use convestional bullets the 180 Nosler Part or Accubond and 200 gr AB woul be great

    54.0 of H4350 with 200gr AB.

    again 3" high at 100 yard good to 300 yards

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    Default Thanks!

    This is why I spend so much time on this forum. Great advice from the guys/gals in the field who have tried and true "recipes" and experience.
    Thanks and keep it coming!!


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