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Thread: Ak Hunting News: Moose Management Workshop in Fairbanks Jan 13

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    Arrow Ak Hunting News: Moose Management Workshop in Fairbanks Jan 13

    This news clip is from Alaska Hunting News. Discussion is welcome. This news feed is robot generated.

    From an ADFG News Release:

    The Fairbanks Fish & Game Advisory Committee and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are jointly hosting a moose management workshop on January 13 from 9 to 3 at the Binkley Room at Pike's Waterfront Lodge.

    Biologists and other ADFG staff will be presenting current information about moose habitat, intensive management, fire ecology, movements, counting procedures, and management strategies for GMUs 20A and 20B.

    All are welcome to attend; there is no charge. People with questions about the event can call Mike Kramer at 458-7968 or Rita St. Louis at 459-7263.

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    Someone please take notes for me!
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    Default I Have To Work

    6 hours!!! Is this thing going to be structured or informal, look at this info and ask questions........ Give comments?

    I can't make it.....

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    Lots of locals are not happy F&G and the Fairbanks AC in regards to the cow hunts. I'm sure this will be an attempt to show why they are in place why they should continue. I'm also sure many locals who aren't in favor will show up. As of last night, we also have 5 new members on the AC who questions the cow hunts. The "Closing Questions, Comments and Discussions" should be very interesting! I'm going to try and make it.

    Moose Management Workshop- Public Forum

    Historical Perspective of Moose Management in GMU 20. (Bud Burris) 9:00 am

    GMU 20A & 20B Population, Harvest Estimates and Goals (Don Young, ADF&G area biologist) 9:30 am

    Intensive Management, Habitat and Prescribed Fire (Tom Paragi, ADF&G Regional IM coordinator) 9:45am

    Counting Moose (Kalin Kellie, ADF&G wildlife research biologist) 11:00 am

    Brown Bag Lunch 11:45

    Moose Movements (Kalin Kellie, ADF&G wildlife research biologist) 12:30

    Moose Nutritional Status (Rod Boertie, ADF&G wildlife research biologist) 1:15

    Moose Management Overview for GMUs 20a & 20b (Don Young, ADF&G area biologist) 2:00

    Closing Questions, comments, Discussions

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