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    Default Blue Marble

    Anyone ever use the BM injection oil? I recently purchased a gallon for a used RMK I just bought... though I wanted to run the rest of the Polaris oil through before I add the new stuff.

    I'm going out on a longer ride tomorrow and was wondering if its OK to mix the two different synthetics or just drain out the rest and go with the fresh?

    Any advice would be appreciated!


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    Default I use it.

    I use Blue Marble in my '05 600 Renegade and '06 Summit 800. I have over 3500 miles on both.

    Snow Tech magazine (December Issue) has a technical update on page 92. I can't say I haven't seen a increase in HP's but I don't think I could tell a 1 to 2 hp increase no matter what. All I know is, I smoke less, starts easier, and my engines are still running.

    I would recommend draining the old oil before adding a new type. It is what is recommended and it isn't that much expense. .02 cents worth of info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltsryd View Post
    I use Blue Marble...I have over 3500 miles on both.
    Wow you put the miles on! Lucky!

    That said, did you notice a big change in how clean your power valves were? I cleaned my VES on my fusion recently and there was a considerable amount of oil below the bellows. I talked to a few people and they said that its natural to get some oil buildup there and buildup on your blade (polaris calls it a guillotine) and cleaning it off is most important. Also, they said to not use a wire brush or anything like that because it has a coating on it that you dont want to remove. I used a scotch brite pad before I was told that, but any thoughts to these questions?

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    Hunt_Ak its ok to use a scotchbrite. Like you said as long as its not a wire brush youre ok. As for the oil I use only polaris blue (cheapest stuff) and I have never had a problem. The only difference I have found is maybe 1 or 2 mph at the top end. Smokes a little more during cold starts and you will have to clean your valves twice as often. All of these I can live with when the cost is half as much as the high end stuff. Of course some people say it makes a big difference but I can tell you that the stuff comes out of the same hole in the ground!!!

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    Try oven cleaner on the exhaust valves. That's what I used back when I had one of them go fast machines.

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    Default Clarify.


    Sorry, let me clarify....One of those machines is my wifes and my spare when I break mine.

    I have not found anymore build up over the OEM synthetic. I am going to be cleaning the valves today so will have the chance to check again. If you scratch while cleaning the surface it leaves a place for carbon to build up quicker and harder to get off. I don't recommend a wire brush. Carb cleaner, oven cleaner, gasoline, etc. are some of the cleaning agents used. I have not tried the pam after it's clean, but will today.

    Happy riding!

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    Default Cleaned.

    Cleaned my R.A.V.E.'s. I used Evinrude Seal and Gasket Remover and it took under ten minutes with no need to use a Scotchbrite pad. I did not spray with pam as I thought I would, since using the cleaner I did made it a quick and easy chore.

    As for the price of Blue Marble, Verbas in Soldotna has it for around $32 a gal. The best price I have found.


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