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Thread: Spring Black/Brown bear hunt

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    Default Spring Black/Brown bear hunt

    Looking to do a spring bear hunt towards the end of May. Would like to be able to hunt both black and brown bears in the same area. I am a resident and am taking my father. He does not want a brown bear, just a black. I am the one interested in the brown bear. Any good advice on an area to go to where it is possible to hunt both? If not, just some good advice to get my father a nice bear. Water taxis? Etc? We are not afraid of walking, but I was looking for something a little less challenging than our past fall caribou/bear hunt. Thanks!

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    less challenging?? you want the easy bear hunt?
    blacks and browns can be had in unit 16, 13, 9, 6 5 and several other spots down in SE that i'm not famaliar with. took some nice blackies in unit 9 Pm me for locations and some browns on same trip, done the same in unit 13 late may, as well as unit 6. haven't hunted unit 16 that time of year but know they are there then as well.
    Depends on easy you want it i guess. probably coastal grass and beaches would be best bet, so that would be from valdez down to ketch more than likely.
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