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    I'm looking for a good place on the peninsula for pike fishing from a pontoon boat. Stormy Lake, Scout Lake,Mackey Lakes areas seem like a good place to start. I'll be on the Kenai from June 1-Sept 1 in search of fish. Thought the pike would be a good way to get away from the crowds in the peak seasons. Your thoughts on areas or lures much appreciated. Also if anyone wants a fishing partner for such an outing E-Mail me your phone and I'll give you a call. I'm about an 8 on scale of 10 as far as intense fishing goes but I can adjust either way for a good time. Thanks guys, Tom

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    call soldotna F&G. 262-9368.
    ask for tim mckinley
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    The only lake I have experience on is Stormy and I would say it's a very marginal pike fishery. There are some nice ones in there but you have to work hard for them. If you have access to the other lakes I think I'd try them first. Word is that there are a lot more pike but smaller.


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