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Thread: Spring Bear in Area 22

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    Default Spring Bear in Area 22

    I have been graciously invited by a friend to hunt with some local folks for spring grizzly in Area 22A along the coast near Unalakleet. Anyone have any idea what the bear numbers are like? We'll have both snowmachine and/or boat access, whichever is needed. Any info/advice on this area? When does spring "typically" arrive. I know typical is a relevant word in Alaska but we're hoping to nail down a ballpark timeframe to get up there.

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    I'll assume your an Ak. res, but your post reads like your not. Non res needs a guide or relative to hunt with for griz bear.
    Hard to say when "spring" will hit. Even when it is spring, the tundra can be bare(no snogo travelling) but the ocean ice covered(no boating). I would suggest being able to fly out on short notice.
    Bear numbers are good, you can shoot 2 a year as a resident. But there are some guides who work the area. Will be other hunters more than likely. You'll have to play it by ear and see what the weather gives you
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    I am a resident. I live in the valley. Thanks for the info. I don't think the folks will head out there to the fish camp till the ice is gone but I may be wrong. I'll keep your info in mind, thanks again.


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